Quality Natural Health Products

Our customers deserve the very best natural health foods and products that nature can provide. Each of our products are carefully selected from qualified, ethical sources for their enhanced quality, potency and bio-availability.

Most Importantly, we believe that we are what we eat.

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Certain natural foods provide nutraceuticals; the active ingredients which play an enhanced role in maintaining a healthy body, mind and well being. We bring the very best of these food products to our consumers from direct and trusted sources.

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Enlighten products are produced and packaged using innovative technologies to maximize the concentration of their active ingredients.  Our packaging preserves product quality, improves product stability and integrity, and extends product applications.

Our Health Product Brands

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 Each of our natural health products are carefully selected and clinically well studied. They provide complimentary medicinal benefits in the integrated management of health, with symptomatic improvement in key conditions such as pain and inflammation, immune enhancement, physical recovery, neural mood elevation, depression, cognitive and memory loss improvement.

Some are also provided in their purest natural forms, such as our Saffron thread. One of the world’s most prized culinary ingredients, Saffron boasts a range of beneficial health effects for which we are developing health condition-specific formulations.

Direct From Source


We make quality natural plant products. We know where each of our products come from, direct from their source and their farms. We have personally established these direct supply relationships.

Our growers and harvesters produce small batch quantities with respect for the environment, natural farming practices and sustainable harvesting methods.

We are not an affiliate program site, nor are we an OEM white label business. It is becoming increasingly difficult to identify authentic, trusted suppliers in the new commercial digital era.

Our promise to our customers is the provision of hand selected, high quality natural plant ingredients, direct from their origins to you and your family.