Diet and Health

We are what we eat. Let Food be thy medicine.

Mantras of ancient wisdom, that are increasingly proven correct through western science and modern medicine. Eating a balanced diet of predominantly natural, plant based foods is statistically linked to better health, reduced disease risks, and an overall sense of well being.

There is ever increasing awareness for the proper nutritional value in and through our diets, and growing evidence for the incorporation of more herbs and plant based medicines into our healthcare routine.

Pharmaceutical medicine evolved over the last 100 years away from it’s original plant based origins. It also developed away from a holistic respect for the “plant” treating the ailment, through a combination of natural compounds and not just a single chemical molecule.

The truth is ~ 65% of the world’s population uses natural plant based medicines in their primary healthcare.  We are not advocates for the removal of pharmaceuticals from our healthcare; many Rx medicines play a key and critical role in the treatment of acute medical conditions. We do recommend that we must play a more proactive role in managing our health, with a focus on healthy eating, proper nutrition, exercise and through embracing beneficial, complimentary medical approaches.

Integrative Health & Lifestyle

Integrated Medicine

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that in addition to the use of plant focused natural medicines, when other “Complimentary” health care practices are accounted for, roughly 80% of our global population uses plant and complimentary medicine in their heath management plan.

Natural supplements are more widely acknowledged, and being used as key components of our heath regime.

Likewise, the adoption of Yoga, Meditation, Chiropracty, Massage Therapy and other practices into our healthcare plans, is increasing significantly in all countries in the West. There is irrefutable evidence that incorporation of these practices into our lives also plays a key role in our health and disease risk management. For more in depth, informative information, Please read our Saffron, Integrative Health and Saffron Yoga articles.