Canadian Chaga

Quality Wild Chaga

“King of Medicinal Mushrooms”, our Wild Chaga is sustainably sourced from mature birch trees in pristine, northern Canadian Boreal forests.

Chaga is a collective mass of fungal mycelia mixed with it’s host birch tree compounds; the most studied of which are B-glucans, Tannins and Melanin, the Phytosterols and Betulin/Betulinic Acid.

Used in traditional medicines for over 500 years across Northern Canada, Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Northern Korea and China, it appears to provide several health benefits as an antioxidant, in immune and cardiovascular system improvement, and as complimentary natural support for those receiving oncology treatment.

We are working on several Chaga formulas currently, centered on our proprietary, gentle water soluble extract that is completely soluble in water or beverages.

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